About Me

Hi guys, this is Carla, who loves traveling, researching, and sharing all I know with people. I participated in Erasmus+ 2 times during my bachelor’s and I traveled a lot while doing Erasmus.

Currently, I am working as a Project Manager in a Digital Marketing and SEO Agency. I love my job!

I first opened this site to share what I know about travel, but then I decided to share everything that will be useful to people. You will definitely find a lot of useful information on my website. I’ve prepared very very nice articles for you! I hope you enjoyed them while browsing my website. I will always continue to share the articles that you will be curious about. Never stop following me. I have the best articles on the planet!

Make sure that my articles will be very informative for your daily life! As I continue to share the things I know and see, I will also continue to share the most intriguing content because remember that Carla knows the best!