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Adaptable Bathroom Remodeling and Decorating Ideas

Adaptable Bathroom Remodeling and Decorating Ideas. Has your bathroom been on your diy list for small remodeling projects a long time? Maybe you will get excited and get the ball rolling after you read these simple bathroom decorating ideas.

The “Thinking” Room

Did you know that we spend more time in the bathroom than any other room in our house? If this is the case, I want my bath decor to be as comfortable as possible. How about you?

Do It Yourself or Hire a Decorator?

Many of you may feel like your bathroom is personal, I know I do. In this case, you will probably want to do the remodeling yourself.

I know there are literally hundreds of bathroom remodeling services listed in the phone book who would offer some great input, but I like the thought of coming up with my own unique ideas.

Have no fear if you aren’t a creative person. All you have to do is walk around in your local Home Depot, browse through home improvement magazines or go online and check out the many home decor shops for some great ideas.

Adaptable Bathroom Remodeling and Decorating Ideas
Adaptable Bathroom Remodeling and Decorating Ideas

Tips for Decorating a Bath

Just recently, my husband and I decided it was time to tackle one of our small remodeling projects, which of course was the bathroom, and we got some of our best remodeling tips from our friends and family.

Tile for the Floor

Since our bathroom had plenty of windows and natural lighting and much thought was put into it, my husband and I chose a black and white tile flooring to offset the surroundings.

We were astounded at the way the colors and design accented our Moen faucets and other bath accessories. We were so happy with the outcome and amazed at the difference just the flooring made.

Remember the Rugs

We were really excited about our newly decorated bath, especially with the mirrors and other accessories put in place. But, something seemed to be missing. Guess what? Bathroom Rugs!!!

After placing a few around on the floor, more colour and excitement was added to our newly remodeled bathroom theme. Not to mention the added comfort and warmth we get when we step out of the shower on our tile flooring.

The Bathroom Shower Plan

Our friends told us how important it is not to overlook your shower when planning your bathroom decorating ideas. We found that one of the easiest and most economical ways to give our bathroom a quick makeover was shower curtains. This was a great way to change both the look and feel of our bath.

Whether it’s fabric or vinyl, you’ll be amazed at how much choosing the right designer bathroom curtain brings more color to your theme.

Even if your shower requires an extra long curtain, finding one will not be a problem. You can shop at your local home decor shop or go online for a even greater selection.

If your shower is scratched or worn badly and you just can’t afford a new one at this time, talk to a salesperson at your local home improvement store about installing a bathtub liner. This opens the door to a whole new set of design ideas for the DIY person like yourself!

See, it just takes a few simple ideas to create a whole new look for the most used room in your home. So, go now and get your bathroom decorating ideas going.

Adaptable Bathroom Remodeling and Decorating Ideas

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