Amazing Bathroom Design and Decor

Amazing Bathroom Design and Decor

Bath renovations can sometimes be work we have been waiting for years. We know that renovations are very difficult and cause many costs. However, the renovation of the bathroom is now much easier than before. As K&B Cabinet, we are trying to help you make your homes more beautiful by making the process easier and answering how to remodel a bathroom.

Why Should I Remodel My Bathroom ?

Visual and comfort needs

  • Color, pattern, and dimensions of the floor and wall coverings
  • Color and material quality of vitrified elements
  • Finding the place boring and dark

Failure to meet physical needs

  • Toilet bowls and sinks are not suitable for physical properties
  • Due to the large footprint of the bathtubs narrow the usage area
  • The insufficient storage capacity of bathroom cabinets, insufficient position or size
  • Inadequacy of electricity, ventilation, heating, and plumbing due to planning or aging
  • Moisture and waterproofing problems caused by floors and walls

What are the Steps in Bathroom Remodel ?

  1. Due diligence and project design

If there are problems related to the installation by making exploration in the place to be renovated, the necessary measurements are taken. Design is made according to user requests and space conditions.

  1. Breaking/transport works and renovation of the installation

The next process in the renovation works is the commencement of crushing and transportation works. Crushing and transportation work starts with the renewal of the installation system if necessary. Water and electrical installations are laid according to the location and design of the sanitaryware elements.

  1. Waterproofing and laying of ceramics

After installation works, the plaster application is started on the wall. After the rough plaster application is completed, screed application is made in order to eliminate the leveling defects formed on the bathroom floor and to give a slope for the water expense. The floor drains required for wastewater are placed before the screed application is completed.

  1. Assembly

After the ceramic application, the assembly process of the cabinet and vitrified elements starts. It is seen that suspended ceilings are becoming more widespread in bathrooms to hide materials such as pipes, cables and lighting fixtures related to ventilation, water, and electrical installations.
In this context, we tried to give you the answer to the question of how to remodel a bathroom. We hope it has been beneficial for you. If you want to remodel your bathroom, you can contact us and ask your questions at any time.

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