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Amazingly Effective Bath Remodeling Color Schemes

Amazingly Effective Bath Remodeling Color Schemes

Amazingly Effective Bath Remodeling Color Schemes. Remodel Your Bathroom – Getting Started

Before you begin to remodel your bathroom, there are a few things to consider such as colour, among others. With bath remodeling, color schemes are extremely important. Your bathroom colors will set the mood for the room as well as determine what type of decor items are added later on.

No matter what the size of your bathroom, the colors you choose will either enhance or take away from the decor theme you’re trying to accomplish. Let’s look at some ideas for appropriate bath decorating colors.

Should You Decorate with Solids or Prints ?

Choose between solid bathroom colors or prints, or blend the two if that’s your style. It’s really a matter of preference. If you already have your bathroom fixtures and decor items picked out then go with wall patterns or colors to match.

You don’t want floral walls if most of your accessories are decorated with dolphins! On the other hand, if you plan to use unique wall prints, you’ll want to choose matching accessories mostly in solid colors to offset the patterns.

Some wall paper prints that work well with bathrooms include flowers, stripes, rectangular shapes or circles, animals such as butterflies or birds, angels, or jungle prints. Remember, whatever you choose will determine the style of bath rugs, fabric shower curtains, wall paintings, bathroom shelves, and other items to be added later.

Amazingly Effective Bath Remodeling Color Schemes
Amazingly Effective Bath Remodeling Color Schemes
  • Choosing Smart Color Schemes for Your Bathroom

If your bath remodeling goal is to create a more soothing bathroom, choose colors that are meant to soothe and relax the spirit. Pastel colors and cream colors tend to have a calming effect while bright colors are more upbeat and energetic.

Consider how the colors will make you feel as you settle in to a long, soaking bath with a candle or incense burning. If you want a more luxurious style, consider off-white with burgundy or royal green accessories. For a modernistic look, consider black and white colors with modern utilities and fixtures.

  • Add the Optical Illusion of Space

Avoid bright colors for the walls that can reflect the light in your vanity mirror in a strange way. For example, if you apply make-up in a bathroom with red walls, you may accidentally apply too much blush because the lighting and paint can fool your eyes.

Light colors tend to make a room look more spacious whereas darker colors tend to make it look smaller.

If you enjoy redecorating your bathroom often, choose main color schemes that are neutral so they’ll go with most any accessories. This will allow you to change your bath decor whenever you desire without painting the room or replacing wall paper again and again.

  • Adding Bathroom Wall Accents

Once you’ve selected bath remodeling colors, it’s time to add accents to the walls, bathroom shelves, and vanity to complete the room. Decorate with small plants, scented candles, fancy wall sconces, and paintings.

Use a few small figurines (but not too many) to draw attention to a wall shelf or cabinet, and include a magazine basket for an added touch. Also, decorate open bathroom shelves with matching luxury bath towels and wash cloths in colors to blend with the room’s decor.

  • Where to Find Bath Remodeling Color Schemes

Everything from where the sun hits to how big the space is and looks (two different phenomena) to placement variables are factored into color schemes and color decisions. There are, because of the auspices of internet communication and facilities, some awesome tools for pre-planning color schemes.

You can set color #1, then the generator will figure in the appropriate range, hue, etc. of the complimentary and accent colors. The true color wheel is also available at a number of sites, as is information on the psychology of color and the impacts/effects of certain color combinations.

You can find many color choices and bathroom decoration ideas online or by glancing through home decorating magazines. Bath remodeling is simple once you choose the colors, so check out all the varieties of colors and patterns before making a selection. Now, enjoy your new luxury bathroom!

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