Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging 2023

Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging

What causes when the Asus laptop battery not charging 2023 and what is the solution? Sometimes there is a problem with Asus Laptops (battery) such as the battery not charging. Have you ever thought about why this kind of problem occurs? If you are the one who is curious about ”why is my laptop not charging?” , this article is for you.

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Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging Windows 10

There may be multiple reasons for the Asus laptop battery not charging 2023 . Some of these reasons;

  • The Asus Laptop is permanently plugged in with the battery on or off,
  • Water damage on the computer,
  • The deterioration of the Asus Laptop battery
  • Poor quality adapters or batteries are the main reasons.

When we have come to the solution to this situation:

Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging When Plugged In

First of all, you should be suspicious of the battery. Asus Laptop battery deteriorates easily. It is difficult for Asus laptop users to understand whether the battery is the one that got damaged or not. In this case, it is better to go to the computer technical service you trust. What should you do when Asus laptop battery not charging 2023 ?

Test if the battery is working. The part you should try next is your adapter. The adapter powers your computer but may not charge the battery because maybe it does not get enough voltage that needed.

If the adapter is working well, then check the charge capacity. This capacity will not be used efficiently if the adapter is broken. If the adapter is broken, the Asus computer will work but will not charge. You shouldn’t try to work it. Doing this can result in too many costs. If the integrity of the charger is confirmed, one of the units on the motherboard may be malfunctioning. You may need to take your computer to a computer repairing service. If your Asus computer has a Warranty, you can also get it repaired under warranty.

Asus Computers have a solution then the computer plugged in not charging. However, some computer brands do not have a solution to this problem. For example, this problem cannot be solved in DELL brand computers. However, you should ask for help by taking it to a computer repair service.

If your Asus laptop won’t turn on and did not have water damage so you can take advantage of your warranty. With the warranty, the “Asus laptop battery not charging is not a problem anymore.

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