Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom Rugs As Part Of Your Bath Decor Project

Bathroom Rugs As Part Of Your Bath Decor Project
  • Decorating A Bathroom With Rugs

Most of you probably feel like bathroom rug are intended for a much important purpose such as keeping your feet warm and dry when stepping out the shower. But, many of you consider your rugs to be a main part of your bath decor, therefore they are considered a big part of your bathroom decoration.

  • The Classics

If a classic look is what you’re wishing for, there are rugs that will make your dream come true by giving your bathroom the ideal look you want. Just pay close attention to the style and color of the bathroom rugs you choose.

  • Add The Right Bathroom Rugs For A Unique Decor Option

Wouldn’t it be great to have several different colors and designs of bathroom rug that match your decor? Well, since most bathroom rugs are quite affordable, maybe you won’t have to narrow your choice down to just one. This will give you the chance to replace your rugs every now and then, especially during different times of the year.

  • Changing Bath Decor

Since bathroom rugs are so inexpensive, I’ve learned that I can change my entire bath decor anytime I want by adding glamour and luxury just by changing out my rugs.

There has even been a time when I wanted a total solid color bathroom, so I coordinated my towels with reversible rugthat come in all colors, including my favorite which is lime green.

I sometimes switch from solid deep colored bathroom rug to light neutral tones and especially during the summer months, my number one priority is replacing all my dark bathroom rugs with brightly colored washable area rug.

  • Funny Bathroom Rug

Bathroom rugs should be a reflection of your personality, so are you the type of person who has a sense of humor all the time or are you really serious about everything?

Now you can choose your favorite design in whatever style and color you want. Maybe you like lighthouses or the ocean, or you may even prefer flowers. Just whatever suits your taste.

  • My Bathroom Rug Story

One of my biggest pet peeves is stepping out of a nice hot shower onto a cold slippery floor. So, when you walk into my bathroom, you will definitely see several rug.

I love my thick pile bath rugs on my tile floor. They are so comfortable to my feet and very absorbent. I even have a couple of oval shaped reversible bathroom rugs. Of course, my overnight guests get to enjoy the extra large luxury rugs which come with coordinate toilet seat covers.

Yes, you could say I have a lot of different types of bathroom rug, but I think they are a necessity to my bath decor. I also go through a lot of rugs, because some tend to wear out faster than others and some I just get tired of and give away.

  • No Cover-All Bathroom Rugs For Me

Some people prefer total floor covering, maybe because they get tired of rugs getting kicked around when walking on them. But me, I prefer my bathroom rugs, especially since I have a couple of males and kids living in my household.

Besides, with all the different types of bath rugs available, I can choose whatever color, pattern and design I want, but if my preference was wall-to-wall, I would only be able to choose from neutral colors.

I also enjoy selecting a bathroom rug set for Thanksgiving and Christmas season that are in a holiday color. You will be amazed at the Christmas spirit a bath rug will add to your decor.

So, I would have to say my pick is definitely bathroom rug over wall-to-wall carpeting because they add so much to my bath and besides if I decide to pack up and move, my rugs can go with me.

  • Save Money And Start Out With Quality Bathroom Rugs

You may want to pay a little less for the rugs you are going to use just during the holidays, but for bathroom rug that you plan to use all year round, you may want to invest in good quality rug.

Be sure to check out the backing and the thickness along with the washing quality. Remember, these rug will need to be cleaned frequently, especially with men and children living in the household. So, when shopping for a bathroom rug, take your time so you will end up with a good quality rug with the design you want.

Eventhough rugs for your bathroom are necessary, keep in mind that they will also add style and beauty to your room.

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