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Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Lights to Update Your Home

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Lights to Update Your Home

If you’re looking to update your bathroom, one of the best places to start is with bathroom lighting. This is because the lighting in a room holds far more importance than just providing illumination. Bathroom lighting can help set the tone of the room, which may vary from your powder room downstairs, compared to your kids’ bathroom upstairs. In addition, lighting is decorative and can double up as both illumination and decorative appeal all for one price. You can even choose to use two types of lighting in your bathroom, such as with a row of lights over your sink and a recessed ceiling light over the toilet. Let’s take a look at what you should consider before purchasing the perfect lights for your bathroom.

When choosing bathroom lights, think about where you will be placing your lighting and the purpose for the light. If the lighting is meant to go over a mirror or vanity where you will be putting on makeup and grooming yourself, opt for a light that will give you the brightness you need. Look for bathroom lighting that gives off a natural glow and uses a clear bulb or shade. This natural light will help you to achieve the look you’re going for in the natural sunlight. You also want to be sure the bathroom light fixtures are placed in the right places, such as in areas that focus on the face and avoid shadows under the chin and eyes. As a rule of thumb, try to place the lighting at an average forehead height. You can adjust this measurement to fit your family’s overall height. And since kids don’t require the use of makeup, you can stick to lighting that is appropriate for the adults’ heights in the family.

When it comes to the placement of bathroom lights, try to keep them about 2 ½ feet apart from each other. If you have a large bathroom mirror or vanity, opting to place a light on either side is a great start, and you can add more lights if you feel necessary. While you want this room to have adequate lighting, there’s no need to go overboard, however. Usually 2 to 3 light fixtures or a long string of lights are perfect for bathrooms. You can also add recessed bathroom lighting that you can dim for middle-of-the-night potty breaks if necessary.

Now for the fun part; choosing bathroom light fixtures that are decorative and appealing to your taste. If your bathroom follows a particular theme or décor, choosing bathroom wall lights that go along with this theme is a great way to enhance your bathroom’s décor. There are many styles to choose from, but those that are most popular today include modern and contemporary bathroom lighting. These fixtures have a sleek and simple appeal, being made of brushed nickel, stainless steel or bronze. Most styles are dark in color and easy to take care of, being rust and corrosion resistant. Best of all, they are generally inexpensive to purchase, although this does depend on the material, quality and brand-name of the product.

To keep up with contemporary bathroom lighting, many homeowners have also opted to swap out their incandescent light bulbs and use an Eco-friendly bulb instead, such as that of an LED or CFL bulb, although fluorescent bulbs are not generally used in bathrooms. These bulbs last longer and use less energy than an incandescent bulb, but they cost more and require special disposal methods. No matter which type of bulb you choose to use, stick with ones that let off a natural light, such as with an incandescent bulb or LED bulb. Now let’s explore the variety of bathroom lighting you have to choose from to put the finishing touches on your bathroom.

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Lights to Update Your Home
Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Lights to Update Your Home

When it comes to bathrooms, bathroom wall lights are often most popular. This is because wall lights don’t take up any counter space, they deliver light at the perfect height and they can serve as a decorative appeal to a small bathroom that has limited space for pictures and accessories. A bathroom wall light is also easy to keep clean since you can reach it and simply wipe it down with a lint-free cloth. Wall sconces are a popular type of bathroom wall light, in addition to a string of lights that go over a mirror or vanity. Best of all, you can change out the shades of these lights to flow with a modern, traditional or themed bathroom.

Another popular choice is bathroom ceiling lighting. A bathroom ceiling light has many of the same advantages to wall lighting; it takes up no counter space and provides plenty of illumination in any type of bathroom. The downside is that ceiling lighting is harder to keep clean and maintain, especially if the lights are recessed into the ceiling. If not recessed, you can choose from a variety of shades to match your bathroom’s décor and for an added bonus, you can put a dimmer on the switch to control how bright the illumination is, great for tired eyes in the early morning.

Bathroom mirror lights and bathroom vanity lights are a must-have in bathrooms, no matter how large or small the mirror or vanity is. After all, this is the only true way to shave, do your hair and put on makeup precisely. Ideally, you should have a string of lights going over the mirror or have one light on either side of the mirror. For added convenience, some homes have bathroom mirrors with lights that are built into the mirror itself to provide the most natural and adequate lighting possible. If you like the idea of having a bathroom mirror light, consider purchasing a new mirror and pre-drilling the holes into the mirror for where you want the lights to go. Remember, the lights should match up to your forehead and not cast shadows along your chin or eyes.

Bathroom lighting is fun to play around with, as there are many different combinations that can set the tone you’re looking for. If you have a large bathroom with a soak-in tub, you can opt to create a spa-like setting by placing small lights along this area. If you have a small tot who awakens in the night to use the potty, placing a recessed light over the toilet area with a dimmer switch will give you the light you need, without stimulating your little one. And for early mornings when you need to wake up, you can cast bright lights throughout your bathroom to wake yourself up and get ready for the day.

Like many home improvement projects, you probably have a budget for your bathroom light fixtures; after all, this is just one small part of updating your bathroom. To save on costs, look for products online that can be purchased at discounted or wholesale prices. You may be more limited on products, but there are great buys at reasonable prices when purchased this way. You can also buy a lighting kit that includes several different lights in one, such as wall sconces or hanging lights. Also be sure that the lighting you choose is easy to maintain, such as those made from chrome, stainless steel and nickel. These surfaces are resistant to rust and easy on the fingerprints.

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