Creating a Good Squeeze Page

Creating a Good Squeeze Page

   It is a common misconception that to have a good squeeze page you must include as much information as possible onto the one page. When, in reality, by doing this you are confusing and shying the reader away from becoming a subscriber. Creating a Good Squeeze Page there are a few tricks that can help increase the number of subscribers you obtain:

• Do not use your squeeze page to sell or to draw attention to your name. They are strictly for the use of signing up subscribers and building your list.

• Be brief with explanations of benefits to new subscribers. If you include too much information you will lose the attention of your potential subscriber and just turn them into another one-time visitor.

• Be professional and use words and terms that directly relate to your business. If you create a joking or comedic squeeze page subscribers will not take you seriously. Not to mention they will not see you as a leading expert on your niche.

• Use lists rather than paragraphs, voice recordings, or videos to explain your list. Not only is it more organized but it is quicker for the visitor to read and sign up, with no waiting for loading or reading long paragraphs.

• Make your squeeze page presentable. Do not inundate it with large graphics, use good headings, colors that do not interfere with the text, and only pertinent small pictures.

When You Create a Good Squeeze Page The most important part.. 

Perhaps the most important part of Creating a Good Squeeze Page is your opt-in section. This is where you can request a name and email to add to your subscriber list. Without your opt-in section, there is no use for a good squeeze page.