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Excellent Shower: Experience the Luxury

Excellent Shower. Remodeling your bathroom is one of the largest projects you will ever do on your house, and it is important you choose ways to make your bathroom as luxurious and functional as possible for you and your family. A good place to begin when making a contemporary bathroom is with a walk in shower. Walk in showers are increasingly becoming popular as the style and comfort of a walk in shower are getting more well known. By adding a bathroom walk in shower, you will add an important feature to your bathroom, and you will not have to break the bank to do it.

There are a lot of reasons that people are starting to choose the walk in shower over having a traditional bathtub or full shower. First, many people are choosing to get a walk in shower because of the fast paced society in which we live. The feel of the shower allows for a quick and easy shower while still offering the comfort of a long bath. Second, most walk in showers are smaller than regular bathtubs and showers, so the clean up afterwards is easier and shorter. Even though they can be smaller in size, the design of these showers can feel as though it had more space than it did, so you will not feel as though you are cramped. Excellent Shower

There are different kinds of walk in showers for you to choose from, so be sure to look at all of them to be sure that you get the kind of shower that best fits you and your needs. There are different kinds of materials that a that walk in shower bath can be made out of, like a tiled walk in shower and a glass block walk in shower. Many walk in showers have tiled walls and a glass door, and both of these features add style to any bathroom. With the glass door, there is no need for you to purchase a shower curtain and thus eliminates the tough cleaning of a shower curtain. The glass doors of your walk in shower will also allow for the interior shower design to be displayed to increase the appearance of the room.

Excellent Shower: Experience the Luxury
Excellent Shower: Experience the Luxury

The real area that you will be able to choose a walk in shower design that best fits you is in the shape of the shower. The shape of the shower is one of the most important parts to decide because this will affect the look and comfort level of the walk in tub shower. There are three common shapes for the walk in shower enclosures: the quadrant shape, the pentagon shape, and the square or rectangle shape. Depending on how you want your walk in shower enclosure to look and feel, you will need to check out all of the designs to pick your favorite.

Because of its modern look, the quadrant shape has become one of the most popular walk in shower tub shapes for any bathroom. The quadrant style shower has two straight sides that make a right angle that gets fitted into a corner of the bathroom, and the rest of it is a smooth curve made of glass. With the one glass side, the clean up of your shower can be minimized, and the curved side of the walk in shower stall gives the shower a sleek, modern style that will help decide the look and feel of the rest of your bathroom.

The pentagon shaped walk in shower units are very similar to the quadrant shaped showers. This type of shower has the two sides that meet at a right angle to make the corner of the shower, but instead of the one curved side like the quadrant shower, the pentagon shape has three glass panels that form the pentagon shaped front. The three panels give you the option of have the door to the shower to be centralized, which can increase the attractiveness of the shower. Excellent Shower

The square or rectangle shaped showers are pretty much self-explanatory in shape. They are built of the two sides that can be fit into any corner while the rest of the shower is comprised of two other sides that meet at a right angle. This particular style of walk in shower will usually be larger in space but will lack in being more a fancy style shower. A plus to the square or rectangle shower is they will easily fit in most bathrooms even the ones that are shaped awkwardly as they are able to be built as large or as small a space as you need them to fit in.Excellent Shower

As an added bonus to your walk in shower, there are some extra features that you can have included in walk in shower stalls that will increase the comfort of your shower. Not only will some of these extras increase your comfort during your shower, but they can also help with some of the activities after you shower, such as clean up. However, many of these extras may cause the price of the shower to go up as well, so be sure to decide if the extra features will break your budget before you pick them out.

Excellent Shower: Experience the Luxury
Excellent Shower: Experience the Luxury

One of the nicest extra features that a walk in shower can offer is a drying area. A drying area creates a space inside the shower that you can stand to dry yourself off. This will help to decrease the mess that comes when getting out a shower when you are wet. Some of the drying areas will have wood or bamboo as the walk boards in order to better soak up the water. If it will fit your budget, a drying area can increase the luxury and function of your shower, and decrease the risk of slippery floors outside your shower.

Also, having towel racks and shelves installed in your shower can help with the functionality of the shower. Many walk in shower kits offer enough shelf space for all of your bathing paraphernalia like soap, shampoo and conditioner bottles. These shelves will help you use your shower space more efficiently and decrease any clutter that might become a problem in your shower. For a walk in shower that has a lot of space, many manufacturers will install towel racks near the door. This can help so that you do not have to leave the shower before getting a towel. This helps decrease the mess of having water dripping off of you when you reach for a towel outside the shower.

Although walk in showers can be aesthetically pleasing, there are practical reasons to install a walk in shower base as well. If you have elderly people or younger children in your home, it might be difficult for them to get in and out of a tub with a high ledge. Actually a lot of injuries in the home are due to people or any age having to step into a deep bath tub, but the low shower base of a walk in helps eliminate this risk. These kinds of showers are easy to walk into and walk out of without having to take high steps.

As you can see, a walk in shower is a good way to maximize the style and comfort of any shower space, and with the numerous design features to choose from, you can pick out exactly what you need to make your shower experience the best for you. You should be sure to research more of the different kinds of showers, and you can even go online or look a magazine at different walk in shower pictures to find a design that you like the most. If you get the right shower installed, it can influence the look and feel of the rest of your bathroom and even make your remodel easier. From the different shapes that add class and more space to your shower to the little extras like a drying area that lower the clean up afterwards, a walk in shower is sure to be the perfectly essential addition to any bathroom remodeling project.Excellent Shower

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