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Experience Radiant Bathroom Lighting for Vanity or Need

Experience Radiant Bathroom Lighting for Vanity or Need
  • Don’t Just Turn on the Light, Turn on Exquisite Bathroom Lighting that Glows

Have you ever thought about the bathroom being the room where you start and end your day? This is where you go every morning to relax in the hot shower and do your many other personal tasks such as shaving and putting on make-up.

With this in mind, don’t you think that adding adequate lighting should be your next small remodeling project.

  • The One Light Wonder

In order to obtain the bright lighting that is essential around the tub and shower area, one light may not be quite enough, even in a smaller bathroom. You’ll also want to keep in mind the lights in your bath will have a big influence on the decor and especially the colors.

  • Vanity Lighting

Since shaving, fixing your hair and putting on make-up are every day personal tasks, vanity lighting should be on your top list when remodeling. Be sure to position the lighting where there will be no glare or unwanted shadows on walls, fixtures or mirrors. You want it to be even and easy on the eyes.

  • Shadows Lurking

If your mirror is not too wide, vertical lighting or scounces can be positioned on either side. This is great for casting an even light across the face. A fixture over the mirror will also focus on the face and hair evenly and should contain at least 150 watts and positioned 75 to 80 inches above the floor.

  • Floors

To make your tile flooring brighter and to keep shadows off of your bathroom ceiling, you may want to use lighter colors on tiles for better reflection and install some lower hanging lights for your main bath lighting. This should take care of the challenge.

  • Tub or Shower Lighting

Since safety is or at least should be a big issue in the bathroom, adequate lighting around the tub and shower is essential. An enclosed, recessed downlight, which is designed for wet or damp areas, should be used in tub and shower enclosures.

This will not only help you feel relaxed while bathing, but will also prevent some of the common accidents from happening such as falling or cutting yourself while shaving. Better safe than sorry!

  • Save Money on Bathroom Lighting Costs

Did you know that just by changing your incandescent light bulbs to the new, environment friendly compact florescent bulbs will amount to big savings in the long term? Also, installing dimmer switches in the bathroom is not only a great way to have complete control over your bathroom lighting, giving it that glamour and romantic setting, but the good part is you will also be conserving energy. We all love to save money, don’t we?

  • General Bathroom Lighting

Everyone agrees that the lighting in your home should provide beauty, but keep in mind your large or small bathroom should also be designed for function and not just for looks. Whether you choose a normal light or one with an exhaust fan in your bath area, it should be bright enough for you to perform your daily tasks. What good is ambiance without being able to see what you are doing?

  • Choosing the Best and Cheapest Light Fixtures

Save both time and money by shopping online for your bathroom light fixtures. Buying on the Internet will give you the opportunity to see exactly what styles and designs are available for you to choose that will match your fabric shower curtain, tiles, unique wall cabinets and any other fixtures you already have installed. You might not want to change the whole theme so shop carefully.

Now aren’t you excited about making one of the best decorating decisions you could possibly make? So, what are you waiting for? Start today with your new ideas for a DIY remodeling project by adding the right bathroom lighting and tonight you can relax in your beautiful, well-lit tub. Remember to buy plenty of soap!

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