How Much Money Should I Take To Mexico For A Week

Mexico is the country with the highest number of people speaking Spanish as a native speaker in the world. Mexican pesos are used as currency. People who want to travel to Mexico are curious about some questions like 100 pesos to dollars, 1 dollar to peso, 1000 pesos to dollars, 500 pesos to dollars, etc… In this article, we will give answers to the traveler’s question of how much money should I take to Mexico for a week and also deep information about the location of Mexico and Mexican people.

About Mexico

Mexico is located in Central America. It borders with the USA to the north and Belize Guatemala to the south. There is the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Big Ocean in the west. Mexica is a country that has hosted many ancient civilizations of different cultures. It is also the most crowded Latin American country. Ciudad de Mexico is the capital of the country. It is also known as the largest city. Their official language is Spanish. In Mexico, people are also speaking 68 different languages. 

Travelers who want to go to Mexico is looking for articles about the places they need to visit. Also, they want to convert their us dollars to Mexican pesos. Let’s give some information about them.

 How Much Money Should I Take To Mexico For A Week?

You should take a daily average of 30 US dollars which means 675 Mexican pesos. For a week, it will cost around 4,725 Mexican pesos. With this amount, you can survive and travel in Mexico comfortably. 1 dollar to peso will cost around 22,50. It means that the dollar is really valuable than Mexican pesos. While you are traveling, you can go to an exchange office to learn about the current currency. For example, how much is $1000 pesos in dollars or how much 1 dollar to peso? They will give you an exact currency. 

For travelers who want to travel to Mexico can get information about Mexico in this article. They can also get an answer about how much money should I take to Mexico for a week. If you want to know more, watch the video I give you below.