How To Cancel Linkedin Premium

How To Cancel Linkedin Premium

When you start looking for a job, you will notice that everyone will recommend having an account on Linkedin. Linkedin is known as the largest and most trusted platform for job search. In this article, you can find the answer to how to cancel Linkedin Premium‘s question.

People from all over the world post job opportunities on this site and it is possible to find jobs anywhere in the world. Also, if you become a Linkedin premium member, you can even see the salary for a job you apply for. However, you do not have to be premium, but it is a fact that being a Linkedin premium member will be very advantageous. But if you want to cancel Linkedin premium later so you can.

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How To Cancel Linkedin Premium

The process of canceling Linkedin premium is really easy. and the first month they offer you Linkedin free premium. After one month they start to charge you. Linkedin premium costs for job seekers are from $29.99 to $59.99 per month, for sales professionals $79.99, and $119.95 for recruiters. Costs seem a lot, but there are many functions of Linkedin Premium. If you want to get the advantage of Linkedin Premium so you have to pay the cost which is suitable for your current situation. The answer to how to cancel Linkedin premium is very easy.

After the first month of free access to Premium Linkedin, they will send you an e-mail that your Premium will end soon. So you can wait for the e-mail, then if you do not want to pay, you can cancel Linkedin Premium. The only thing you have to do is finding payment methods and remove your card information.

When did Linkedin start ?

Linkedin started working in 2002. The base where they established was Mountain View, California USA. However, they came out in 2003 because their website was launched in 2003.

How To Cancel Linkedin Premium; Who is Linkedin owned by ?

Microsoft bought Linkedin.

Which countries use Linkedin the most ?

US, India, China, Brazil and Great Britain are the ones who use Linkedin most.

Can I use a selfie on Linkedin ?

You should not use selfies on Linkedin. There are a lot of job seekers, and as you know job seekers want to see a formal profile picture on your profile.

As you see using Linkedin is not difficult, you just need to be careful about some details to seem formal. Also, in my opinion, everyone should try the Linkedin Premium account, if you do not want to use the second month you can read this article and learn how to cancel Linkedin Premium.

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