How To Open A Bottle Without A Bottle Opener 2023

How To Open A Bottle Without A Bottle Opener

Mostly beverages are filled and sold in bottles, in either plastic bottles or glass bottles. The plastic bottles can be closed with a plastic cap and can be easily opened by hand. But the same doesn’t go for glass bottles, metal caps, or corks. The metal caps are usually small, especially adapted pieces of metal, while corks are impermeable buoyant material made from trees’ bark. Metal caps help the drink be sealed, allowing the carbon dioxide to escape as it keeps the drink fizzy. On the other hand, corks are mostly used for wine bottles. It keeps the oxygen from entering the bottle and ruining the wine. This article is for you to open a bottle without a bottle opener if you are looking for how to open a bottle without a bottle opener 2023 .

How To Open Wine Without Corkscrew

There are different types of corks that are used to seal a wine bottle. But the most common ones used are either synthetic corks or natural corks. The corks are tightly placed inside the wine bottleneck to prevent air from entering the bottle, making it very hard to pull out by hand. There are many ways on how to open a bottle without a bottle opener .

You can easily open metal caps without a bottle opener; if the edge of the bottle cap is placed on top of the table while holding the bottle’s neck tight. And slamming it with the other hand. If such a technique is applied correctly, the cap will pop off easily on the first try, probably the easiest method of opening a bottle. But a wine bottle opener or a wine key might be a bit tricky. Following are the way how to open a bottle without a bottle opener or how to open a bottle without a corkscrew.

Ways To Open Wine Without A Corkscrew

There might be people who don’t know how to use a corkscrew or most of all they don’t have a corkscrew available at the moment. Well, don’t worry here, we have how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.

Push or pull

As the cork is tightly stuck, there should be a strong force of push or pull on the cork, making it move out or inside the bottle to open the bottle. It can be performed by slamming the back of the bottle covered in a towel with the wall, creating a force inside the bottle to move the cork out of the bottle but not too hard as it will break the bottle. On the other hand, the cork can be pushed into the bottle using the back of a spoon or any blunt object.

Using a screw

Take a screw, preferably a long one, and screw it into the cork with a screwdriver until an inch of the screw is left. Then you take the hammer’s backside, lock it under the screw and pull the cork out. These two methods are more physical ways regarding how to open a bottle without a bottle opener .

Twisting it out with keys or a serrated knife

You can use keys or serrated knives, or items with similar structures in this method. At an angle of 45 degrees plunge them into it. Until it’s completely stuck inside. Then twist it out by moving the top of the item in a circle.

Pump it out

This one is straightforward. You take a bicycle siphon with a needle connected and plunge it through the stopper. Entering entirely through until the needle arrives at the air between the plug and the wine. At that point, you siphon air into the jug. As you siphon, the plug ought to gradually move out of the jug from the air pressure difference. Now that you know how to open a bottle without a bottle opener .

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