How to Remove Bathroom Mirror

How to Remove Bathroom Mirror

So, you want to remodel your bathroom everything is gone and you are almost ready to start carrying in new equipment but there is only one problem, and that is the bathroom mirror. You searched for how to remove bathroom mirror on google and you landed here.

Well, that is perfect because in this article we will be talking about how you can remove your bathroom mirror. Note that while doing so if you break or damage the mirror in any way it may cut you so before starting to do so always wear gloves and eye protection. If possible, please get professional help, if you cant, don’t try to do this by yourself, there should always be at least two people when removing a bathroom mirror.

How to Remove Bathroom Mirror: Cover with Tape

The first step you should do is cover the mirror with heavy-duty packing tape this is for precaution against the mirror cracking or shattering. As mentioned before be very careful when you are handling a mirror it may break or crack and you might end up cutting yourself, that is the last thing we would want to happen.

After you have coved the mirror now its time to Insert wooden shims between the wall and the mirror. Look for tiny gaps where you can do so place the wooden shims in the gaps and gently tap the shims to loosen the connection between the mirror and the wall.

Avoid forcing, just gently tap, this is the part where most people break the mirror. So take your time and be gentle I can’t stress this enough, be careful, start on the top part of the mirror and slowly go to the bottom part while tapping. It will get loose after a time.

Support The Top Part Of The Mirror 

When you get closer to the bottom of the mirror you have to support the top of the mirror from not breaking or getting the whole mirror loose and fall down.

This is the part where you will need someone’s help the most. While someone is holding the top, supporting it from not falling you can continue your process of getting the mirror loose.

Once all of the parts are loose now pull the mirror to yourself without using to much power if everything went well the mirror should come out of the wall. Once it is out of the wall carefully remove the mirror from your bathroom. 

This is how to remove bathroom mirror, I hope everything went perfectly and this post helped you. If you want to check other helpful posts check out our site. You can always feel free to contact us anytime, we will try to answer as fast as possible.

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