How to Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper

How to Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper

No one wants to take a shower in a bath that smells bad. Therefore, we use a sink stopper in our bathrooms sinks. Sink stoppers are used for preventing the blockage that might occur in your bathroom sink drain. If you need some help figuring out how to remove bathroom sink stopper, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will talk about how you can remove an old bathroom sink stopper. 

How to Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper

Step 1

The first step about how to remove bathroom sink stopper is to remove all of the tools that you store in the cabinet under your bathroom sink. 

Step 2

There is a horizontal rod that holds the sink stopper in place. In the second step, you need to remove this rod. Firstly, you need to pull off the clip that holds the horizontal rod to the vertical strap, and then, pull this rod away from the vertical strap.

Step 3

The third step about is to unscrew the nut on the back of the sink drain and pull it out. In order to loosen this nut, you can use an adjustable wrench. 

Step 4

In this part, you need a bucket to put under the sink drain in case any water drips down. After this process, you can clean the nut by using a brush. To clean it, you can use some soapy water, then scrub it with the brush gently in case it might be damaged.

Step 5

Now that the stopper can be removed from the sink, the fifth step about how to remove bathroom sink stopper is to clean it. The first thing that you need to do is to wash the stopper well. After that, you can put the stopper in a glass of soapy water or you can use any other cleaning products but they can be dangerous because they contain chemicals. Therefore, you can add some vinegar to the soapy water. Vinegar is a natural ingredient that is used for cleaning. After putting the stopper in soapy water, let it soak for a while, and then, scrub it with a toothbrush gently. Finally, you can rinse your sink stopper well.

Today, we have talked about the steps of removing the sink drain stopper. A sink stopper prevents any blockage that might happen in your bathroom sink drain. It prevents some items such as hair, soap scum, and toothpaste from going into the sink drain. Therefore, it is important to use a sink stopper in case some items might cause any blockage in your sink drain. We hope that the article above has guided you through everything that you need to know about how to remove bathroom sink stopper and you like it.

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Living in a home may be a challenging thing. Because there may be some technical issues about it. Especially if you are moving to a new home you should have information about installment and its maintenance and repair. Now, in this article, we will try to explain how to remove bathroom sink stopper. If you want to clean it or the water does not flow quickly, you may want to clean and replace or change it. Therefore, we think that it will be useful for you to learn more about it. 

When there are some small problems in your house, learning about some tricks may help you to save your money. Because you will not need to call a plumber to fix it. You will be fixing it yourself quickly and inexpensively. At this point, let’s say your bathroom sink has a problem, it is not clean and the water does not drain immediately. So you want to remove the sink stopper and clean it. Here, we will explain to you how to remove bathroom sink stopper for this problem. If you have it, you can continue reading this article.  

How to Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper

If you have a problem with bathroom sink drain and want to learn more regarding how to remove bathroom sink stopper, you are at the right address. Firstly, you should remove all the stuff under the sink. Then, you should look at the bottom of the sink. You should locate the plunger rod and the clip that holds the rod that leads to the sink stopper.  It connects with the drainpipe. You should remove the nut of this drainpipe. Later, you should go to the clip and squeeze the ends. Now you can push the plunger rod out. And finally, you can remove the sink stopper.

When you remove it, you should clean it in another place such as a bucket. You should use strong cleaners because it needs a deep clean. When you did, you should replace the sink stopper by following the same steps in the reverse direction. You should repeat this every few months. Thus, you will not have a big problem with your bathroom sink. If you find this article named “How to Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper”, you should check out other articles on the website to learn more about the tips for home. Keep following us!