How to Remove Bathroom Vanity

How to Remove Bathroom Vanity

You have an old bathroom vanity and you believe that it is time to say goodbye. Did you know that bathrooms have a special place in us, we wake up and wash our faces the first thing in the morning. When we are going to sleep we brush our teeth and then go to bed. If you haven’t realized yet we spend precious time in our bathrooms, and bathroom vanities are the part of a bathroom that takes up most of the space and creates the design of the bathroom. But as years go by and the vanity gets old there is no reason to resist the idea that you need a new vanity. That is why in this read we are going to look at how to remove bathroom vanity by yourself.

We will follow these important steps if you carefully perform each step you will have no problems and you can remove the bathroom vanity with ease. If you are not able to do so you can always seek help online.

Step 1: Turning off the water

First things first, we have to turn off the water so things don’t get all messy, look under your sink you will find valves that are controlling the water flow. When you turn them off, water will not be able to run through the sink. Okay, that seems easy I know but this is very essential for us to start the process of removing the bathroom vanity. You also would want to relive the pressure that still remains in the faucet so turn the faucet on so the water will come out. Even when you turn off the valves keep in mind that the faucet may still have water in it. That is why we do both of the things we mentioned for a perfect start.

Step 2:  Loosen The Water Lines

For this step, you will need a wrench, with the help of the wrench loosen the water lines from their connections, as easy that it sounds it is not that easy to do actually, so take your time on this step and be careful water still may be stuck in the lines so don’t forget to have a bucket with you in case of any water drippings.

Step 3: Remove The Sink Top From The Wall

After you have freed the sink top the time has come to remove the sink top from the wall. You may need an extra hand for this step as it might be a heavy job for just one person. If the sink top is screwed to the wall you will have to unscrew it from its connections. After that with ease remove the sink from the wall.

Step 4: Remove the Vanity

You have almost done it. Now it is time to remove the vanity after you have completed all of the steps with care and ease the moment has arrived. You can now remove the vanity, but be careful when you do so look if there are anythings still attached to the wall afterward completely remove the vanity.

We have these easy steps to do on our list on how to remove bathroom vanity. I hope this read was helpful as we mentioned before do not hesitate to contact someone professionally if you think you are doing something wrong.

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