How to Remove Mold From Bathroom Ceiling

How to Remove Mold From Bathroom Ceiling
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We spend most of our time at our houses. Therefore, we need our houses to be clean in general. However, cleaning is not only about dust or grain. There may also be other problems that you can not think of. For example mold may be one of the big problems at your home. It does not only seem in bad foods. It can also be on the walls. Therefore, we will help you with this problem for those who ask how to remove mold from bathroom ceiling. But, if you are curious about the reasons, we will first start with them. 

What causes mold in bathroom ceiling

Before looking into the question of how to remove mold from bathroom ceiling, we will look at the reasons for the mold in the bathroom ceiling. As you know, we take our shower at our bathrooms. So, the moisture that does not know where to go can cause this mold in your bathroom. Therefore, you should always ventilate your bathroom. After your shower, you can keep the bathroom door open. In this way, you can help to prevent the mold. But, sometimes you can not avoid it. For these kinds of cases, you can read the next part. 

How to Remove Mold From Bathroom Ceiling

If your bathroom ceiling always has mold, and you seek how to remove mold from bathroom ceiling, you may find this part helpful for you. The first thing you should do is ventilate your bathroom. If it does not work, you can keep searching for mold cleaner. Now, we will help you with this. First, you should wash the area with a mixture of detergent and water. Then, let it dry. Later, you should apply a mixture of one-quarter of bleach and one quart of water. After it dries, you should apply for the second time. 

It is now cleaned but it may not kill the mold completely. So you should still try to keep it dry and ventilate the bathroom. If you ask does vinegar kill mold, fortunately we can say that it does. Since the White vinegar contains mild acid, it will help to kill most of the mold and prevent it to reoccur. As always, white vinegar helps us to keep our bathroom clean. If you find this article named “How to Remove Mold From Bathroom Ceiling” you can check out other articles to find more tips!

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