How To Repair Damaged Sd Card In Android

Some of the problems are coming with the usage of Android phones. Android phones can have sd cards in their systems and your sd card can be damaged most of the time. It is a very common situation if you are using an android phone. If you are looking for the solutions to make it work your sd card again so you are in the right place. Let’s talk about what do sd cards do and how to repair damaged sd card in Android.  

About Sd Cards

How To Repair Damaged Sd Card In Android

When you start to use sd cards, your memory of the phone will expand. You can keep more videos, photos, documents, ringtones, texts, apps, and other data.

How can you format sd card?

You can ask why my sd card is not reading? If you have this kind of damage in your sd card then you should try to find how to format the sd card’s answer. Sd card recovery or sd card format is not a difficult job to do. You can just be formatting the sd card with some steps. Let’s see how to repair damaged sd card in Android. You will find 3 solutions below;

How To Repair Damaged Sd Card In Android: First solution:

How To Repair Damaged Sd Card In Android

Firstly, If your SD is not read on your Android device, try to connect to another device. You will see if the problem still exists. You can easily understand the problem, it means that your device has a problem. It may be an SD card that is not compatible with your Android device. Clean the metal area around the card. Insert the card after the slot is dry. This can help you to solve your problem immediately.

How To Repair Damaged Sd Card In Android: Second Solution:

How To Repair Damaged Sd Card In Android

Secondly, when you connect the damaged SD card to a card reader in a system, it means that the SD card is not being read if it does not have a new drive letter assigned to it. If it works, the reader is already assigned a drive letter, but you may still receive a message asking you to insert the disk into drive E. This means your card is unreadable. If you want to resolve the issue so a new drive letter must be assigned through the operating system settings.

Third Solution:

Thirdly, get your card reader to a system. Look for the card reader from the Windows taskbar. You will see the drive letter assigned to your SD. Right-click to ” Cmd “and then go to” run as administrator.” An immediate window opens after the followed drive letter, followed by a colon, followed to click by /f, and then press enter. All possible errors on your card will be seen here. Now, you can correct your broken card. All you have to do is follow the instructions above. Finally, check to see if you have recovered your lost data.

Here you could find the answer to how to repair damaged sd card in Android. Hope this article will help you to solve your damaged sd card problem. Also, you can find the video below, we shared the easiest way to make it work. Take a look, maybe that video also can help you.