How to Screen Record on Samsung s8

How to Screen Record on Samsung

As it is already known, mobile phones are now one of the most valuable objects of our lives. We can do many things with them. Therefore, we spend so much time using our cell phones. Although this is correct, we also generally want them to work very fast and quickly. This is because we are interested in shortcuts on our mobiles. In this regard, if you want to learn about how to screen record on Samsung s8, we will give you the information in this article. 

How to Take a Screenshot

Before looking into the question of how to screen record on Samsung s8, we will first look at how to screenshot on these phones. First of all, on iPhones with buttons (because new versions do not have screen buttons) you can screenshot with holding the side button and the screen button at the same time. But on mobiles without a button on iPhone, you can screenshot by pressing the side button and the volume button. On Samsungs, you can screenshot with the same way as in iPhone. Or, you can slide your hand from left to right to take a screenshot. As you can see, it is quite easy.

How to Screen Record on Samsung s8

Now, if you ask how to screen record on Samsung s8, we will answer this question in this part. People generally want to save their important meetings on their phones such as live videos on Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook. Therefore, they want to save these files. First of all, you should know that it is not an activity to start with the simple buttons of your phone. You need to go to the Play Store if you want to record your screen. There are special applications for this that you should find yourself. We will help you with this.

First, you must connect to the Internet. Later, you can download a screen recorder application on Google Play Store. After that, there will be a shortcut on your screen. When you touch it, the application will ask you to start recording everything on the screen of your phone. When you say yes, it will start. By using the same way, you can stop the recording. You can find the file of your screen recording in the gallery. If you like this article named How to Screen Record on Samsung s8, you can keep reading to see other articles. 

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