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How to Secure Your Gmail Account 2022

How to Secure Your Gmail Account

How to Secure Your Gmail Account 2022 – 8 Ways To Secure Your Gmail

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Friends, I’ll tell you that How to Secure Your Gmail Account. It is very important to know that you do hackers hack your Gmail password and you can save you from having your Gmail account is hacked.

Same passwords to him on more than one site, download the software, click on spam links in Gmail messages may hack your Gmail account.

How to Secure Your Gmail Account 2022

How to Secure Your Gmail Account

  • Choose a Strong and Unique Password-

Always strong and unique password for your Gmail account to him, a strong password should be least 10 characters.

Should strong passwords be like?

  • A strong password has:
  • At least ten characters, Uppercase letters (A, B, C..X, Y, Z).
  • Lowercase letters (a,b,c..x,y,z).
  • Numbers (1,2,..8,9,0)
  • Special Characters (! @ # $ % ^ & * + = < , > )

Your Gmail account, you can change the password by visiting this link:

Password Change Link

  • Never use the same password for more than one site

Use Gmail to any other password on a site it should not be. Same if you always keep your most id password should be alert.

If your email id and password to any other website that you have so your password never be same because sometimes hackers hack your id and password.

  • Never click on spam/fake link in your email

The most hacking email account is via a fake email message. Hackers send you an email when it is and that some spam links in the email. If you click on the links to them so hackers can hack your passwords.

  • Enable 2-Step Verification

Two steps to enable verification of the security of your Google account becomes increase. Sign in with your Gmail account username and passwords went as often as needed in addition to your phone.

Guess your Gmail account’s password hackers once your Gmail account will be unable to log in because they will not be your phone.

You can enable your 2-Step Verification with the help of this link below:

[Enable 2-Step Verification Link]

  • Add alternative Email Address and Mobile Phone Number

Your Gmail account recovery email address and mobile number to add to. If your account gets hack it or to forget the password, you can easily reset the password again. Your Gmail account and you will be safe.

  • Secure your computer

Your computer antivirus to him, Browsers and software keep updating.  Un-trusted source software and application installed in your computer does not because your computer has a virus or program even if your Gmail account is hacked.

Many password keylogger software to hack the hackers to make. So be aware of a keylogger software is not installed on your computer by mistake ever done.

  • Check your Gmail account activity

If you receive emails about some of the activities unusual so you can see recent activities from this link below.

[Link Recent activities]

Recently, your Google account so you can know how to log into the device, where and when, time, date, location and devices will find details of everything.

  • Remember your detail to protect your Gmail account-

As you will know if your Gmail account gets hacked to recover, then he has to verify your identity. Proof of this is to means that you are the real owner of the account is Gmail.

Generally your recovery phone number and email address for the identity of the reads to him, but sometimes you may need to be given below the detail. So they kept the note.

The question that Google may ask you to recover your Gmail account.

  • What was the last password that you remember?
  • When was the last time (month, year and date) you were able to sign in to your Gmail account?
  • What was the answer to your security question?
  • What was the first account recovery email address that you remember?
  • The phone number that you may have associated with your Google account?

So, Friends, now you learned that How to Secure Your Gmail Account .

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