How To Send A Gift Message On Instagram DM 2021

As everyone knows, Instagram has become the most used and preferable social media network nowadays. While Facebook generally appeals to older people, Instagram continues to be more modern and more up-to-date. With constant updates, people are now questioning how they can handle new Instagram updates. It is not easy to learn how to use Instagram , Instagram has become very complicated to use, especially due to new updates. Instagram updates were made for many tools such as Instagram reels , ads , IGTV , DM , Story . The last update made before the New Year was presented in a gift box to send a message. Do you know how to send a gift message on Instagram DM 2021 ? We will answer this question for Android and iPhone users in this article.

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Gift Message On Instagram For Android and Iphone Users

To learn how to send gift messages on Instagram DM , All you have to do is enter the Instagram DM box and click on the person you want to send the message to. Normally, when you text a message to somebody on Instagram, the camera tool appears on the left side of the message box. With the new update of Instagram, all you have to do is to type the message you want, click the magnifying glass on the left side then click on the gift or flaming tools that appear. You will get fancy messages when you learned how to send a gift message on Instagram DM 2021 .

When You Don’t Have The Instagram Gift Box Message Feature On Your DM

If you still cannot see the magnifying glass tool on the left side of the message box while you are writing in the Instagram DM box, the update has probably not come to your iPhone or Android phone yet. You have to wait for updates.

After learning the answer to the question of how to send gift messages on Instagram DM 2021 , you are now ready to send fancy messages to your loved ones. You can also use this update as a birthday greeting box on Instagram! Your loved ones will love it. Try it out now!

How to Do An Instagram Gift Message

If you’ve found the answer to the how to send fancy messages on Instagram DM 2021 and Feature Missing Fix IOS Android question , probably another curiosity will be to make other fancy Instagram DM effects. You will be able to find other effects from the same place.

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How To Send Gift Messages On Instagram

It seems like Instagram will have more updates. Instagram, which is the funniest way to communicate with your loved ones, is constantly improving itself. With each update, it opens new doors of a new world. As updates come in, I will try to explain to you how the new Instagram updates work on this blog. Keep in touch with me!

We’ve answered the question of how to send a gift message on Instagram DM 2021 in this blog, if you still do not understand how to send a gift message on Instagram DM 2021 , it will be useful for you to watch the video below.

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How do I gift a message?

When you start typing on Instagram DM, there will appear a magnifying glass instead of camera button. Click on it and choose one gift message.

How do I send someone a private message on Instagram?

In Instagram Home page, look at the uper left you will see direct message button, click it. Choose someone and start typing.

Can you send a DM to someone you don’t follow?

Yes, you can send.

Can I send a gift card through Instagram?

You can take a picture and send. If you want a prepared one, check ‘gifs’ so you will find gift cards.

How to get gift message on Instagram?

If you got last update of Instagram, you will get gift messages which are sent by your friends.