How To Turn Off Galaxy S7 Without Screen

Do you have trouble with the broken phone screen? So in this read, you will find 2 solutions to repair your broken phone. You may need to reset your galaxy s7. However, firstly you need to define what the problem is. Sometimes your screen does not allow you to take action. And the first thing that you are able to think about will be resetting. Do not ask how to reset Samsung galaxy s7. Today we will share some easy solutions which you will not need to reset your Samsung galaxy s7. So what will you do in this situation? Let’s check out how to turn off Galaxy s7 without screen.

How Can You Turn Off Samsung Galaxy S7 Without Screen

1. Solution 

Firstly, download the Android Control program to your computer. After downloading and installing the program on the computer, connect your phone to the computer with its cable. When you use this program, you will be able to manage your phone using the computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. This is the easiest and most preferred method by people.

How Can You Turn Off Galaxy S7 Without Screen

2. Solution

You need to find an OTG cable for this solution. Then you will connect the mouse to your phone. Now you can use your phone without the screen and you will easily solve your problem. Thanks to this article, now you will use your Samsung s7 even without a screen. Owing to this method you will easily switch off your phone. Click here to find an article about how to turn off iPhone without a screen. 

How Can You Turn Off S7 With Broken Screen

You don’t have to worry if you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge screen with broken glass. This article gives you suggestions on how to turn off your samsung galaxy s7 phone without using a screen. If you want to repair your broken screen, you can also check out our article on How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Phone Screen. At the same time, the question of how to boot in safe mode is asked a lot, but booting and turning off the phone are completely different things.

In this reading, you found the best 2 solutions to turn off your galaxy s7 without a screen. If you do not have a working screen, you should try our solutions. The reset should not be the answer to how to turn off Galaxy s7 without screen. You can find solutions to save your data without losing it.