How to Wash Bathroom Rugs by Hand

How to Wash Bathroom Rugs by Hand

Today, we will talk about how to wash bathroom rugs by hand. Bathroom rugs are must-have for all bathrooms. They prevent you from slipping and falling and touching the wet floor. After you take a shower, it is possible that you slip with wet feet. This might be dangerous, so bathroom rugs or mats sometimes are life-saver. Bathroom rugs are usually placed right outside of the bathtub or shower. If you have a shower frequently, the first thing that you touch will be your bathroom rug, so you need to wash your rugs regularly to get rid of any bacteria or germs because they might stay wet for a long time and this causes to occur bacteria and germs. Hand washing a bathroom rug is always the better option since it prevents any damage to the material of the rug.

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How to Wash Bathroom Rugs by Hand

Step 1

The first step about how to wash bathroom rugs by hand is checking the label tag of your rug. Before you clean your bathroom rug, you should read the washing instructions in the care label carefully.

Step 2

The second step is shaking. You need to shake your bathroom rug up and down to get rid of any dust and dirt before a real cleaning. It doesn’t work well, you can vacuum the rug with a vacuum cleaner. It will help you to remove any dirt and dust in your rug.

Step 3

This step about how to wash bathroom rugs by hand is the most important one. Now, you need to prepare a mixture to clean your rug. Put the warm water and detergent solution in a measurement cup at a 1:1 ratio. After mixing them, start dabbing your rug to remove dirt. Then, you can scrub the stained area with a toothbrush or sponge gently. You can use a fabric softener while cleaning your bathroom mat. It gives a nice smell to the rug and feels softer. 

Step 4

The last step about how to wash bathroom rugs by hand is the process of drying. If it is warm, you can hang your rug outside and dry it with sunlight. Air-drying is an ideal way of drying, but you can prefer a drying machine to dry your bathroom if you don’t have enough time. 

Bathroom rugs provide you a soft and warm floor after taking a shower. However, if they stay wet for a long time, some bacteria, germs, mold and mildew might occur on your rug. There are two ways of cleaning your rug, the first one is to use a washing machine if you want a quick washing. The other one is hand washing. This is an ideal way to clean your rugs because it extends the life of the rug. We hope this read has guided you through everything you need to know about how to wash bathroom rugs by hand.