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How To Write SEO-Friendly Article 2022

How To Write SEO-Friendly Article

SEO, as you know, is search engine optimization. In other words, with on-page and off-page SEO and many other studies, you will ensure that your website will be ranked first in Google searches. Firstly, articles are one of the most important factors to rank first on Google. You should absolutely learn How To Write SEO-Friendly Article . In this way, you can catch a lot of traffic to your website and reach your brand to more people. In this article, among the many studies done for SEO ;

  • What is an SEO Compatible Article ?
  • Why You Should Write SEO Compatible Articles ?
  • How To Write SEO-Friendly Article ?
  • SEO Compatible Article Examples / SEO Content Examples

I will explain the headings in an understandable way. Enjoy it.

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What is SEO Compatible Article ?

SEO-compatible content is a type of content that helps you make original and quality articles you write for your audience, and it brings brands to the top in Google searches. In other words, to make your article SEO compatible with the adjustments, you have to know How To Write SEO-Friendly Article .

Why You Should Write SEO Compatible Articles ?

We learned what SEO-friendly content is and what it means. Yes, but why writing an SEO Compatible article is so important? Let’s take a look at why we should write it with and a few methods before moving on to How To Write SEO-Friendly Articles ;

The reason for existence on Google : Content

Yes, you read that right. We wouldn’t be too wrong to say that the reason for Google’s existence is the content on our websites, including articles. When the user searches for something in search engines, the search engine wants to show the most relevant results to the user. That the article you have written that is SEO compatible is very important for the search engine, therefore, for the user to reach you more easily. And let’s not forget; Without websites, articles you wrote, or other content you produced, Google would have nothing to show users in Google search results. To learn How To Write SEO-Friendly Article ;

Be friendly with search engines !

Search engines, especially Google, are getting smarter every day, but they still need your help. You can help search engines with introducing your article and finding the right person by taking care of your SEO-compatible articles. Help Google understand you and it will help you to reach your customers.

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Be visible on Google , increase your income

With paid Google ads, you will only be visible as long as you pay your fee. You can increase your organic traffic and increase your profit rate with SEO compatible articles and therefore a website that becomes visible in search engines.

Show your expertise

Google units have more value on websites with high expertise and authority in a subject. SEO-friendly, well-written articles are one of the most effective ways to demonstrate this.

Satisfy your target audience

Perhaps the most effective way to reach your target audience is by writing SEO-compatible content on your website. With the right SEO work, you can attract your target audience to your website, direct them to other titles that they are interested in with the in-site links you have provided, and they will spend more time on your website. Your target audience, who spent a long time on your website and left happy, will definitely return to you as a conversion in the future.

In fact, the most important issue for you here is to learn How To Write SEO-Friendly Article correctly. But I still felt the need to explain in order to leave a general definition in your mind. Now let’s get to the main point;

How to Write SEO Compatible Article ?

Do a Healthy Research

Let’s say you determine a topic that will appeal to your target audience while writing SEO compatible article. In order to pass this topic on to your audience in the best way, you should get efficient information before you start writing about the topic. To learn How To Write SEO-Friendly Article ;

  • Internet Search
  • Social platforms
  • Books
  • Magazine

You can collect the information you have acquired by using various sources. In short, there are no rules for conducting research. So just chase information. At the same time, it’s not just for writing articles while doing research; Research to improve yourself and gain information so that people who will read your article can find the same satisfaction. Of course, it would be great if you try to explain this information as simply and clearly as possible.

Define how to find right keywords for SEO

Here is one of the most important points of writing SEO compatible articles, Finding the right keyword for SEO ! In fact, we can say that it is not just to find, but to find and use.

  • Finding Right Keywords

To learn How To Write SEO-Friendly Article , first; you need to know you can use short or long keywords with your target audience. There are a few important details in determining the right keyword. The best known of these is the level of competition for a keyword.

For example; Our keyword is “SEO”. Since “SEO” is a short keyword, it would be very difficult to rank among the top.

Because the competition level of short keywords will be high. However, the competition level of the “SEO compatible article” keyword is lower than the “SEO”. But it reaches fewer people than the “SEO” keyword. Here, too, making the right move is up to your strategy.

Learning other details is important in writing SEO compatible articles. So How To Find The Right Keywords For SEO ? I recommend you browse the content.

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  • Using Keywords

The best way to use keywords is not to use them as much as they would bother the reader. You know, Google wants to provide users with comfortable information. In the past, using the keyword constantly did not bother Google. However, with the changing Google algorithms nowadays, Google says that the constant use of keywords adversely affects the user experience. Therefore, your constant use of your keywords makes no sense in terms of SEO.

Attract Users with an Unique and Funny Style

Let me say, don’t try to copy and paste ! Yes, I know it feels so good, ctrl c, + ctrl v = a clean post without your hassle. But for that little vigilance, it’s not worth falling out of Google’s favor. Being original is very important in terms of SEO, as well as researching for your readers, creating your own style, presenting your own expression shows that you value them. Especially if you can make your original writing, which is not a copy, fun with your written language and visuals, it will be LEGEND. Of course, writing entertaining content may not be possible for every sector. But if you can, be a little extraordinary. Try to give pleasure to the user and not to bore them. At the same time, please do not forget to give information while doing these.

Long and Abundant Visuals Are Always Good

The three most important items for an SEO compatible article;

  • Lots of words
  • Visuals
  • Headers

How To Write SEO-Friendly Article ? The content you will prepare for your blog page should be a minimum of 500 words. Because Google does not find content written well with few words sufficient. If you use many words, images, titles then you will be a better ranking. At this point, you should show the originality of the content I mentioned above for the tools you will use in your content. These tools are,

  • Photos
  • Gifs
  • Videos
  • Chart
  • Infographic

The more you diversify your content, the more efficient it will be for both Google, the user, and you. With a few stones, three birds are guaranteed!

For this, do research on the keywords. Let’s see what the top pages have not done. In this case, Google will raise it to the top, thinking your content is more diverse and more successful.

Choose Right Titles That Won’t Be Unnecessary For People Who Read Your Content

In the heading above, I explained the efficiency of the long article and the variety of titles, but if you explain the unnecessary issues that arise from the main subject just to be able to write long, Google will not support you again… Because the person writes an X query to the search engine and wants to get the answer to the X query without making a mistake. If you give the answers to question X, along with the answers A, B, C, K, I, J, S, it will be a bad method for SEO and for the user.

  • For example; What you expect from me in this article is the question of ” How to write an SEO-compatible article “. But I give the answer to this question and also ask ” How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently ? ” If I mention a headline like this, you will probably not be interested because it will go beyond the subject you are looking for and try to find what you are looking for on another website.

At this point, it is important to use a variety of content and titles compatible with the keyword as possible.
By the way, if you are interested, How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently , You can review the content I wrote about!

Pay Attention to Creating a Title Hierarchy

Title hierarchy also plays an important role in producing accurate SEO content. So, what should the title hierarchy be, in the order of titles in descending order? Let’s explain it with a visual;

As you can see in the image, the hierarchical order continues in this way. “Heading 1″ should be used only one. It should be used as the main title of the content. So if we consider this content, ” What is SEO Compatible Article ? How to Write SEO Compatible Article ?” They are subtitles H2 and the other small titles are defined as H3.

Give Clear Answers To The Questions

Since Google attaches great importance to the user experience, it does not want the user to get lost in the articles, it wants to reach the result directly. Hence a user says “ What … ?” When he searches for his query, he wants to see the direct answer. When you pass the question of what is in your titles, you can make Google robots notice by quoting the explanation that exactly answers the question of what is with the “quote” sign in the tool. With the same logic, the user wants to reach the price list in a query like “prices of …”. Therefore, if you add a price table when you create a price-related title, this will be well received by both Google and the user, and your content will be qualified as higher quality content.

Optimize Images

Optimizing the images you will use in your content is also very important in terms of SEO in google images. Just as we make the article suitable for ranking 1st on the web page, you need to optimize it to rank first in the visuals. Your images should be generally related to your content and titles, and the names you put on the images should be written together with the same characters at the same time. Thus, Google bots read the names of the images and try to make sense of the content.

Intenal Links

In your content, you can easily enable your visitors to navigate within the website by linking to the other content on your site. While doing this, it would be the right choice to provide a link related to the topic or related to the title to enable the user to click on the link. Thus, as the user will browse your site more, the duration of the user on the site increases. Therefore, Google has an impact on indexing by analyzing your site’s bounce and site stay rates.

Optimize Your Content

There are 2 things that most people who want to write SEO-compatible articles forget to do when they finish their content; Ignoring the SEO title and Meta description part. In fact, it’s a good chance to get the user in. You can get visitors to your page with an interesting explanation. Do not forget to fill in the main settings in the social settings.

SEO Compatible Article Example

When you type any query in the search engine, Google will bring out many articles. You can see them from best to worst. But even in the first place, every website has a mistake. The important thing is to monitor them and analyze competitors. Since I write on various topics, you can find examples of the SEO-compatible articles from here, and you can improve yourself by reading my content. Are you curious about;

How to Become an SEO Expert ? What Does an SEO Expert Do ?

In this article, I have talked about How To Write SEO-Friendly Article in detail. I hope I could provide the information about SEO-friendly articles in a useful and understandable way.

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How to write SEO friendly articles 2021 ?

To write SEO-friendly articles; it should be fluent, answering the questions directly, doing keyword analysis correctly, and more…

Word count limit of SEO compatible content

SEO compatible articles should be at least 500 words.

Is it easy to become an SEO expert ?

To be an expert on Search engine optimization, you should be checking up-to-date information and do extensive research.