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Is List Building Software Needed to Build a List ?

Is List Building Software Needed to Build a List

Is List Building Software Needed to Build a List ? The answer is NO.

You can comfortably build a list with a very simple HTML landing page.

I have done that many times and all the people before you have done that very effectively. But now technology has changed and many WordPress themes and plugins have come to the market that will make your HTML landing pages look bad in front of this well-designed and optimized for SEO landing pages.

This is the real list building software that you want to get your hands on.

If you try “Automated list building software” that spits out fake email addresses or spam email you won’t succeed.

You need to pay for traffic that caters to what you are selling.

If you are selling some fitness videos that you have done the research that it’s for men, then you buy, for example, traffic only for males on Facebook.

You write the ads specifically to that person. You are not talking to all the people “in the room” you are talking to just one person.

That is where the persona comes to play

You create a persona that you describe every aspect of his life.

His demographic (income, age, etc) and you tailor that specific message to that persona.

If you target your prospects this way you are being more effective.

You can’t please everybody.

And everybody can make you rich very easily but also a very small group of people can make you rich.

Is List Building Software Needed to Build a List; So what is the easiest route?

To go and market to a whole lot of people and spend thousands if not millions of dollars (if it’s a big market).

Or go and target a specific group of people (a niche within a niche) that want to solve a problem?

I think the second option is the smart way to go.

So you need a Landing Page.

You need a freebie video, report, or audio in exchange for their name and email address (you can only ask for the email if you don’t want to personalize to who you are talking with)

And you need traffic that is targeted to what you are selling.

So there are several list building software that will speed up your time of implementation of your new lead generation site.

If you are not technically savvy and you can install WordPress on your server then this list building software will speed up the process of getting a site up in minutes. You can set up a WordPress site and then install the following resource I will share with you, but let me explain.

You can create high converting landing pages, sales letters, video sales letters, membership sites with this software. And it only costs $97 bucks.

You can get other similar solutions like Kajabi but that charges a monthly payment and if you are just starting out then this is not the best solution for you.

I recommend you check out the resource below and decide for yourself

  • Optimize Press

I don’t want this post to be a review about Optimize Press I am just pointing you in the right direction of what I use to create my landing pages, sales letters, and membership sites.

But you may think that a list building software is going to fetch and crawl all the internet and get “magically” all the email addresses you may need and send an email and become wealthy.

No, no and NO!

This doesn’t work this way.

This is marketing.

Internet marketing.

Direct response marketing.

Do you know what is direct response marketing?

You must know what it is.

Basically is selling directly to a group of people that need to solve a specific problem, get cash from your customer, solve the problem, and give 10 times more value for what your customer paid for. Then pay the advertising fee for the direct mail piece and see what ROI (return of investment) you had with that specific campaign.

Is this new to you?

Then congratulations you are on the smart side of internet marketing.

Is List Building Software Needed to Build a List ?

You have now understood the basic concepts of money getting on the internet providing great value to your customers. You know that by clicking the button of your mouse 3 times you are not going to get rich.

But you may be asking…

I don’t have a product.

Do I need to go to my garage and start selling the spare parts of my car?


This is not eBay.

You can sell information.

Yes, information. It’s called information marketing and you can read more about information marketing here Infoproduct pipeline

I recommend you to check out Dan Kennedy if you want to learn more about direct marketing. His stuff is the best out there. Just google his name.

So you are on your way to start building your list

It’s a hard decision to make if you have tried making money from Adsense and other methods. I have tried Adsense, buying expired domains with traffic (this method works but you need some investment capital). What worked for me is to create information products and sell them to people that need to solve a problem, just like I was talking to you at the beginning of this article.

And then I started building a list and I was creating an audience that wants to hear what I am saying. They respect me, after all, they gave their information to me so there’s and interest an attractive aspect that you can’t have with other types of traffic.

Email marketing is the best type of communication because you get to the digital inbox of your prospect and you get their attention.

So remember that speed of implementation is key to having the first step to building a list.

Having a Landing page that gives a solution with your freebie video, report, or audio.

You can use the list building software to speed up the process of creating your lead generation site.

And getting the right type of traffic targeted to your own customer persona.

So you have a plan now.

Take Action NOW!

Thanks for reading about Is List Building Software Needed to Build a List.