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Pedestal Bathroom Sinks – Bathroom Remodeling

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks – Bathroom Remodeling. So now your next small remodeling project is to change your dull bathroom into one with an elegant and clean look by adding a pedestal sink. Since bathroom pedestal sinks come in so many different shapes, sizes, styles, colors and designs, you’ve made a wise decision.

Pedestal Sink Types

If you have a small bathroom or half-bath, a pedestal sink with Moen faucets would be a great addition for your bath decor. Just keep in mind, this type of sink, in which the basin and stand are a single unit, does not provide any extra storage space beneath so don’t forget about the extra wall cabinets you may need.

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks - Bathroom Remodeling
Pedestal Bathroom Sinks – Bathroom Remodeling

The Design Scheme of Your Bathroom Sink

You may decide on a pedestal sinks with wide basins made of stone and wrought iron or maybe one made of ceramic or glass that has two faucets instead of one. There are even designer pedestal sinks available with vanities that you can match with your fabric shower curtains.

Just think how great stone-tile flooring that would look with your unique pedestal bathroom sink.

Your Favorite Color ?

White seems to be the a very popular color for bathroom pedestal sinks, but many people prefer colors that match their theme. Blue also seems to be a favorite, especially for those who choose an ocean theme. Some even prefer a black pedestal sink that really makes new bath decor stand out.

Things to Consider when Buying a Pedestal Sink

Several important factors you should consider before purchasing a bathroom pedestal sink are the location of the sink, theme, design and color and, of course, available space. You also want to consider the rest of your bath decor and how well the design of the sink matches it.

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks - Bathroom Remodeling
Pedestal Bathroom Sinks – Bathroom Remodeling

The Faucet on Your Bathroom Sink needs to Collaborate

Not only do you want a faucet to match your bathroom theme, you also want one of good quality such as Moen or one of the other popular brands. Since faucet sets don’t usually come with the sink, you may want to choose the sink first.

The Corner Pedestal

If space is a major problem in your bathroom, you might consider a corner pedestal. These compact sinks fit into any corner and look great in any bathroom.

Have you even thought about all the other items you have to place around your sink such as wall cabinets and bathtub shower curtains? Do you need designer, extra long or a more modern fabric type? Or you if you have a tub, maybe refurbishing or a liner? Maybe you need to give this some thought!!!

Shop Around and Go Crazy

Deciding which sink best suits your bath decor may be a problem since there are so many designs available. The main thing is not to get stressed out about it, just check with your local home improvement store or go online for some expert advice on pedestal bathroom sinks.

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