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Renovating Small Bathroom

Renovating Small Bathroom. We all dream of bathing in a bathroom with a huge lavish warm hot bath with an oversized closet. Well, only few of us are fortunate enough to enjoy such a dream in reality. In most cases to make our living rooms more spacious we often have to cut down the area of the bathroom. In fact, most bathrooms do not get the privilege of occupying huge space.

If you have a small sized bathroom, but want to give it a spacious look, be smart to remodel your bathroom. The following are some tips on bathroom renovation that can be of great help.

Bathroom Renovation Tips

  • • Plan before you set. Carefully plan the bathroom renovation. In fact, if you fail to plan properly, the look of your bathroom may get further damaged.
  • • While planning, try to focus more on floor planning. Go for free-floating cabinets. Your bathroom would have more floor space than other wise.
  • • To stretch the space of your bathroom, you may fit in mirrors on the walls.
  • • Choose paint colors that are warm and accommodating. Try to give a fresh feeling to your bathroom as that would stimulate your positive mind.
  • • Keep things small. You bathroom would look stylish and spacious. For instance, fit a small shower instead of a big bath tub. Small sized bath tubs might give an unnatural look, hence stick to a shower.
  • • Focus on right position of the toilet. The toilet is the indispensable part of your bathroom. To make your bathroom look spacious, place the toilet as close to the wall as possible. But while fixing the toilet make sure of the drainage. The bathroom drain should be at least 10 to 14 inches away from the wall of the bathroom. So, before you go out in the market to buy toilet, make sure of the measurements as the size of the toilet must be apt with the size of your small bathroom.

Besides the above mentioned tips, try to keep your bathroom clutter free. A messy bathroom would always look overcrowded. So, clean your bathroom on a regular basis so as to give it a spacious look.

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