Rustic Wood Bathroom Shelves Ideas

Rustic Wood Bathroom Shelves Ideas

Today, we will talk about some rustic wood bathroom shelves ideas. Bathroom shelves or cabinets are a necessity for your bathroom and they are using for storing your bathroom tools such as towels, toilet papers, or cosmetics. If you have a small bathroom in your house and need some extra space so you need some clever space-saver bathroom cabinet ideas. In addition, your bathroom design and decoration is very important in order to get a vintage and stylish look in your bathroom. Rustic shelves are a great way to get a different style in your bathroom if you are tired of classic designs. 

Rustic Wood Bathroom Shelves Ideas: Rustic Toilet Paper Shelf

This idea is one of the unique rustic wood bathroom ideas. The only thing that you need to do is to purchase a rustic shelf which is made of wood and to mount it to your bathroom wall. You don’t need extra space for this shelf because it doesn’t take too much space so you can keep your toilet paper on this unique rustic shelf.

Storage Ladder

You can turn an old wooden ladder into a shelf and keep your bathroom tools on that shelf. This idea will save money and give a stylish look in your bathroom.

Into the Wall

You can mount a shelf into your wall. It might be expensive to install it, but it will provide a rustic and farm-house inspired look for your bathroom.

Rustic Sink Cabinets

This is also one of the unique rustic bathroom ideas. A wooden sink cabinet is a great option to get a vintage look.


A rustic shelf that you place over your toilet is a perfect way of keeping your items and utilizes extra space.

Single Shelf

You can mount a single shelf to the wall above your toilet to keep your toiletries. This is one of the cheapest rustic wood bathroom shelves ideas.

Antique Window Cabinet

You can put your items behind a rustic wood and glass cabinet.

Hang It

Hanging a rustic shelf to the wall, you can keep your bathroom tools on this useful and space-saver shelf.

Rustic Corner Shelves

You can place an open shelf on the corner of your bathroom and this will be a space-saver idea for your bathroom.

Rustic Free Standing Cabinets

This free-standing cabinet provides plenty of storage space and creates a look that is both modern and classic.

Bathroom shelves and cabinets are must-have for all bathrooms. You can store any items such as toiletries, cosmetics, and towels on your bathroom shelves so your bathroom shelves can be designed with a lot of different styles. In recent days, rustic shelves have been very popular. In our today’s post, we have presented you with 10 useful and stylish rustic wood bathroom shelves ideas. If you have a vintage and old-fashioned look in your bathroom so you can choose one of these shelves ideas that are both stylish and useful. We hope that this post helps you with everything that you need to know about them.