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Shower Faucets Make Your Shower Time More Enjoyable

Shower Faucets Make Your Shower Time More Enjoyable. When looking to update or remodel your home, choosing to include your bathroom in the project is a great choice. Not only do bathrooms help to sell a home, but they are also rooms in the home that are subject to everyday use. Not to mention, any time you have invited guests over, they too, use your bathrooms, so you always want to keep them looking their best. While some updates in your bathroom may be due to personal preference or changing around the décor or theme, such as with light fixtures, towel racks and bathroom storage, there are other things that need to be changed over time because they become worn out, damaged or rusted. This includes bath and shower faucets which need to be replaced over time in order to keep your bathroom looking new and fresh.

There are two main types of shower faucets. The first type is a one-knob faucet that uses one knob to turn on and off the water. The second type is a two-knob faucet that features two knobs; one to turn on and off the hot water and one to turn on and off the cold water. The shower faucet you choose is based on preference, but it’s easiest to replace your shower faucet with the existing design, since this will match right up with the plumbing. In addition to a one-knob and two handle shower faucet, you can also choose from the style of the faucet. The most common style is a wall-mounted faucet that mounts over the drain of the tub or shower. You can choose to add a shower sprayer as well, including the popular handheld sprayers that give you ultimate flexibility when washing your hair and body. Otherwise, most shower faucets come with a stationary shower head that can be adjusted according to how hard or soft you want the water pressure to be.

Shower Faucets Make Your Shower Time More Enjoyable
Shower Faucets Make Your Shower Time More Enjoyable

Some shower faucets come with extra features, which can prove especially helpful in kids’ bathrooms. This includes an anti-scald feature which prevents the water from getting too hot when turned all the way up. You can also opt for a shower faucet that works well with low water pressure and has an adjustable shower head which can be moved in different directions. In addition, you can choose a shower head that has different spray patterns and intensities, as well as shower faucets that have body jets for ultimate fun in the tub.

Not only do you have to pay close attention to the types of shower faucets you choose based on style, but there are also certain features that will make your faucets easier to care for. After all, you can’t argue with low-maintenance bathroom shower faucets throughout the home! First, look for shower faucets that are made from quality materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion. Brass faucets are most expensive, yet the highest quality and longest lasting. You can easily find what you’re looking for in brass, as these faucets can be finished in powder-coated enamel or gold plated finishes.

Chrome finishes have a sleek and modern appeal and are rust resistant. They are inexpensive to purchase and some of the most popular shower faucets on the market, but chrome is also known for showing water marks. Bronze and brass finishes are attractive looking and resistant to scratches. Although they cost more than chrome faucets, bronze and brass shower faucets are rust and corrosion resistant. You can also choose from a variety of brushed nickel and metallic finishes that look dazzling when kept clean, but are also known for showing water marks. For an added bonus, look for faucets that have a PVD (physical vapor deposition) finish. This makes the finishing on the faucets highly indestructible. So while water stains may be your biggest combat, at least you know your faucet is here to stay.

When it comes to choosing the best bath shower faucets, stick to the brand names you already know and trust. Kohler shower faucets for example, offer a variety of products that are designed to fit exactly what consumers are looking for. Many of Kohler shower faucets are made from chrome and brass and cost under $300. They are built to last and of high quality, so you know that you won’t have to be calling in a plumber to fix a leaky faucet in the near future. Best of all, Kohler shower faucets have unique designs, combining elements of European and American influences.

If you’re looking for a shower faucet replacement that is budget-friendly, try Delta shower faucets. A Delta shower faucet is around $100 and comes in a variety of finishes, including chrome. Their faucets are also constructed of brass, so you know you are getting quality at a more affordable price. A Delta shower faucet also brings in cultural elements of decorative appeal by adding fancy curves and sleek lines. Also affordable and of high quality are Price Pfister shower faucets, which are also made from solid brass construction. They feature chrome finishes and sleek designs, perfect for all types of bathrooms. Keep in mind however, that many of Price Pfister shower faucets require the purchase of a rough-in valve that must be added.

Shower Faucets Make Your Shower Time More Enjoyable
Shower Faucets Make Your Shower Time More Enjoyable

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for already, you can also try the large selection of Danze shower faucets. A Danze shower faucet is affordable and made from solid brass, featuring a variety of finishes including brushed nickel and copper. Well suited for any bathroom, a Danze shower faucet comes with a massage shower head and a one-knob faucet. For a classic look that’s sure to impress, you can always opt for a clawfoot tub shower faucet. These faucets include everything you need; two knobs to control water temperature, a center knob to turn on and off the water, and a flexible shower head. While a clawfoot tub shower faucet has a traditional design, some have taken on a modern and contemporary appeal that combines both elegance with functionality. While you may enjoy these clawfoot styles, keep in mind that they cost more than regular bath and shower faucets, costing around $350 each.

While choosing a bath and shower faucet may be a blast, having to repair or replace shower faucet accessories may not be quite as fun. Whenever you’re faced with repairing or replacing shower faucet tools, make sure you remove all the gaskets and seals. Of course, a two handle faucet is more difficult to repair, as you have to remove both valves. Once you have disassembled the bath shower faucet, you will have to replace all the washers, which may have significant rust or corrosion. Once these are replaced, you can reassemble the faucet or install a new faucet. Keep in mind that another important feature to your tub shower faucet working properly is the type of shower faucet valve that you choose. A shower faucet valve is what controls the changes in water pressure and also prevents the water from getting to hot and scalding someone. Some shower faucets come with a valve, while others do not.

Just like other types of bathroom accessories, you can purchase tub and shower faucets right here online at competitive prices. Make sure that the bathroom shower faucet you choose is compatible with your tub or shower and read the manufacturer’s directions prior to installing. By the end of this project, you’ll have a newly transformed shower that is more enjoyable and fun to use.

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