Simple Knitting Patterns Tips For Beginners

Simple Knitting Patterns Tips For Beginners

If you are curious to learn the art of knitting then you must start with easy knitting patterns. As a beginner you may find a few knitting designs complicated; so it is advisable that you follow uncomplicated knitting patterns to knit your fabric or garment. This article will give you some tips to begin knitting easily in no time.

Even a very simple garment may look wonderful if it is knit from good quality materials. For a beginner the most satisfying fiber to knit is wool. This is because wool is durable and naturally elastic. In addition to this you will find wool in an amazing variety of styles and colors.

Furthermore, worsted weight yarn is good for beginners and anything smaller than that will make you lose tolerance waiting for results. Another quality yarn is Lamb’s Pride, which you may easily find in many shops. Lamb’s Pride is basically a wool and mohair blend. This yarn is lustrous and strong; and comes in brilliant colors. You may also use yarn made of wool and silk blend, but this can be quite expensive.

If you live in a warm climate then you may use cotton to start knitting, but it is just not much pleasing to knit with. Keep in mind that you need to knit cotton a bit tighter than wool. So for this, you will have to use a slightly smaller needle to knit cotton yarn with ease. Your knitting shop will be pleased to recommend a good-sized and appropriate needle for the yarn you choose. Once you have the required tools and have selected some good yarn, you can go ahead practicing the two basic stitches, that is, knit and purl stitch. But if you do not know how to knit and also you do not have someone who can teach you the basics of knitting, you need not fret at all. This is because there is help available for you by which you can easily learn how to knit. You will find many online knitting resources that provide you with instructions and tips on knitting.

For your initial projects, knit easy-to-do pieces that are not based on a lot of precision and measurement. For example, you may knit a pretty pashmina designed stole in about 250 cast-on stitches and also knit in garter stitch (that implies you knit every row, with no purling) till it becomes 24 inches broad.
You will definitely enjoy knitting if you knit with a yarn you like or knit different colored stripes. If you use a number of colors, make sure they all are of the same brand and type of yarn.

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