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Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small Bathroom Design Ideas. We often tend to overlook our own bathroom while we plan for interior decoration. But, if you think a bit deeper, perhaps we spend time in bathroom as much as we do in bedroom. We spend hours inside bathroom to relieve ourselves from stress and wash dirt and worries. Hence, a well designed sanctuary of yours should always be given special attention when designing and decorating it.

Even if your bathroom is small, you have lots to do about it. In fact, you have more to design. Let’s explore few ideas and tricks that would help you to design your bathroom wonderfully.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas
Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Tips for Small Bathroom Design

• The very first idea to make your bathroom look inviting is to make it airy. Openness would make your bathroom look and feel bigger.

• Make sure you have a sizeable window so that sunlight can come in.

• Arrange for bunch of mirrors and fix them to the bathroom walls. The greater the reflection of lights the bigger your bathroom looks.

• Save as much space as possible. Install a glass cabin like shower. It would not only bring more space but also a whole new style to your bathroom.

• Color selection is very important for bathrooms. If not properly done, it can yield disastrous results. Hence, be prudent enough to choose a color which would give the best look to your bathroom. Avoid white. Gone are those days when white was considered to bring in a clean look to the bathroom. Such assumption is no more. The white walls get dirty very easily. Picking up bold colors like shades of orange or pink would work well.

Do not over crowd your bathroom. In a small bathroom, fit in items that would be for use. Minimal fixtures would give your bathroom a better look. In stead of scattered items try to fix a single furniture that would stand out of the rest. For instance, an over sized vanity mirror or a glamorous sink cabinet would be of great help for you. So, while designing try to fit in as less items as possible for the best bathroom makeover.

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