The Art of Crochet

The Art of Crochet

The art of crochet has been around for millennia. Around the world, busy hands have created lovely, frothy crochet tablecloths, crochet doilies, crochet bedspreads, and all kinds of crochet clothing articles, simply using the special hooked “needle,” some heavyish thread and a lot of wisdom passed down through the ages. Crochet, like the folksong, is a true folkart and in a way, a glance at its history is a glance at the history of the world.
Because it’s a labor intensive art, crochet items are much beloved and become treasured heirlooms. The next time you’re casting about for a great idea for a wedding gift, consider a crochet bedspread or crochet tablecloth runner for that new table. That’s the kind of present no one ever forgets who gave it or for what occasion.
Anyone can learn how to crochet, and making such an heirloom is a pleasure only the artisan can know. Working on a sweater day after day and watching it grow with the rhythm of your fingers’ nimble movements is a process almost as soothing as true meditation. And when the time comes to present the item you’ve created to its designated recipient, (or to put it on yourself!), you will feel pride and joyfulness never surpassed by store-bought presents.
The fact is, as everyone instinctively knows, you’re giving a piece of yourself and your day-by-day living. And that’s why it’s so special. And that’s what makes a real heirloom so precious.

History of Crochet and Handicraft

Crochet: You and I can call it to crochet, needlecraft, knitting and many more but we can simply say “Manually made by hands and a Single Hook” with thread as the material to produce an item from crochet table linens, crochet tablecloth, crochet bedspread, crochet blouse, crochet shawl and even crochet bikini.

Handicraft: With the word itself, we can even say that it was a Manual Skill, an occupation requiring manual skill, and this was defined in The Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

I have used the word Crochet and Handicraft to show that even though modern techniques already existed in all kinds of markets and are still being developed. Still people in the World today do recognized and appreciate the use of hands or manual skills with a lot of effort just to produce a very beautiful product with good quality.

Now, even the years go by, still, Crochet and Handicraft will always exist and we can ask our grandparents or even great grandparents that they appreciate the work made through Hands with the Single Hook.

It is still a cottage industry to various parts of the World from a known country Like Italy, Greece and even to small countries like the Philippines.

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