The Best Noise Barriers

noise barrier

The noise barrier obtained with a fragile structure provides a soundproof curtain feature. Although it is a kind of sound insulation system, it shows a format that takes up much less space than other types of insulation. Due to the acoustic structure, it is located close to the noise source, preventing it from reaching a distant point.

Noise barriers can be produced from different materials such as aluminum, wood, concrete, or glass. Especially with the developing technology, self-cleaning and transparent materials and much more effective noise barriers are produced. By combining different materials, there are barriers at the bottom of which concrete is used, and glass is used at the top.

The noise barrier prevents environmental noise, mainly caused by motor vehicles and rail systems, from reaching people inside the structure and ensures that several precautions are taken in the emitted environment. Noise barriers built on the sides of roads at points such as roads and railways are used, especially to prevent structures from being affected by road noise.

The noise barrier , which effectively reduces traffic noise, can be produced together with reinforced concrete structures thanks to aerated concrete-grade panels. These systems, which create a fast and straightforward installation, make effective noise protection, as they provide a very high sound insulation property. They can be used economically at the same time.

Where is the Noise Barrier Used?

The noise barrier, which is mainly used on the sides of roads and railways to prevent traffic-related noise, has a high sound insulation performance. Because it is located in a weather-resistant structure, it is not affected by conditions such as rain and wind for many years and creates fire-resistant use with a fireproof structure. To reduce the noise caused by motor vehicles, it is preferred for sound insulation operation on the sides of highways.

It can be used with high sound insulation to reduce railway noise in areas where lines such as metro, light rail, or high-speed trains pass through. Thanks to this resource, it is used in underground tunnels and above-ground tunnels, especially during the preparation of metro lines in cities.

It can be used to reduce noise that occurs during aircraft landing-takeoff and during terminal services in areas with airports and airports. This context creates sound insulation to achieve a more comfortable environment in the surrounding residential and living areas.

A high noise source occurs due to industrial activities, such as machines and engines, industrial structures that develop in many large cities, and uses such as industrial activities. A noise barrier can be used to isolate this noise source and transmit sound to the environment in the least amount.

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