Bathroom Remodelling

Tips For Small Bathroom Makeovers

Nothing can be so depressing than waking up early in morning and rushing into an uninviting bathroom for a shower before leaving for work. It becomes even drearier if it’s a foggy winter morning. So, to make your bathroom more comforting, you may take a look at the following tips on small bathroom makeovers.

Small Bathroom Makeovers Tips

  • • Cover up the plumbing work. It would appear to be quite cold if your bathroom has its plumbing visible. You can build a storage unit in order to cover the plumbing behind the toilet. Else, you may simply fix a curtain in sync with your bathroom décor just below your washbasin.
  • • Paint your bathroom. Yes, look up some amateur painting tips online and buy few cans of color which you want to see your bathroom in. Avoid using cool colors like blue if you live in a cold region. Use some warm pastel colors to bring in a mood of gaiety.
Tips For Small Bathroom Makeovers
Tips For Small Bathroom Makeovers
  • • Always use a well lit bathroom. A dimly lit bathroom is quite annoying. If your bathroom requires some additional fittings, call for an electrician. Fix bright lights to make all corners of your bathroom more visible. In order to increase the lighting effects of your bathroom, attach mirrors to the walls.

You need not have to spend much on your small bathroom décor in order to try the above mentioned tips. Your bathroom is sure to look warm and cozy. Another bit of tip to make your bathroom appear welcoming. Screw several towel hangers on your bathroom walls. Your towel must be hung well stretched. Wet cluttered and unkempt towels develop molds as they do not get enough air. So, purchase some decorative towel hangers for your bathroom.

A clean, spacious and airy bathroom is always inviting. Perhaps, there’s nothing more refreshing than taking a bath in warm and well decorated bathroom.

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