Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously 2023

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Have you ever known that you can watch Instagram stories anonymously? Yes, it is possible to watch insta stories anonymously, and it is very easy to watch igstories anonymously. Most people don’t know how to watch Instagram stories anonymously . In this article, you will be able to learn how to look at ig stories without showing your Instagram account.

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How To Watch Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

Here’s the trick to watching Instagram stories without letting someone know :
First of all, keep in mind the account name of the person whose story you will be looking at. Refresh the page on that person’s insta profile and allow their instagram stories to be updated. After making sure the ig stories are updated, disconnect from wifi network. Turn off your 3g, 4g, 5g data as well, if any. After that;

How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously After Turning Off The Internet ?

If you are sure that you are not connected to any network online, you can look at the story you want to look at right now. You will be able to watch these Instagram stories without being connected to any internet network because you have updated them. Now, Let’s say you watched the story you wished. So what will you do now? Do not turn on your internet!! If you follow the steps we mentioned before, you could be able to watch Instagram stories anonymously . After that you need to follow further steps:

  • Open the settings section on your phone
  • Find the Instagram app
  • Clear the cache and data
  • Turn on your internet
  • Open Instagram
  • You will be prompted to login again to your Instagram account. Enter your Instagram username and password

How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

With the way of data reset, you can be sure that the person you want to watch the insta story anonymously will not see your name in the story viewers section. If you haven’t tried it before, you can experiment by looking at a friend’s ig story and then follow the steps we gave.

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Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously App

If you are looking for Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously App, we can say that many applications have been inadequate in this regard. Instafollow application, which is the only one that provided a good service for anonymously watching stories, unfortunately stopped working in 2022. If you follow the steps in the title given above, you will have chosen the safest way to watch instagram stories anonymously .

Instagram Story Viewer

The tricks for watching anonymous igstories are obvious. Instagram has a lot of tricks. If you know how to you Instagram, you will probably want to learn about Instagram tricks too. However, people generally do not know how to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously or they do not trust the methods and tend to use Instagram story viewer applications. They must be assured that the safest and the most successful way to watch Insta stories anonymously is not using ‘viewers apps’ , but to reset data after turning off the internet and watching stories.