What Is A T-Shirt Bra

What Is A T-Shirt Bra

The bra is typically a piece of a woman’s undergarment with a band that goes around the back and chest to support breasts. It gives them a structure or shape. There are several types of bras designed for different purposes. A woman needs different bra styles in her wardrobe to wear under different kinds of outfits. T-shirt bras are one of the most popular types of bras. If you do not know what is a t-shirt bra , this article is for you. Now you do not have to compromise on comfort and support with a t-shirt bra anymore. 

From its title ‘ What is a t-shirt bra ’ you might wonder that this is for t-shirts. But unlike its name, a t-shirt bra is not a kind of bra you can wear under a t-shirt only rather. It is a kind of bra that you can wear under fitted clothes or t-shirts when you wish to have a smooth look. It is like a cup bra with padding designed not to show any bumps, lumps, and textures through the clothing under the thinnest of T-shirts. If you are looking for a bra that does not show any visible bra lines, nipples and turns the breasts into a lovely shape so a t-shirt bra is ideal for you. You can wear a t-shirt bra under any top, thinner fabrics, and even sheer blouses. 

What Is A T-Shirt Bra ? Features Of A T-Shirt Bra 

Why you should account for what is a t-shirt bra ? A T-shirt bra is versatile and has smooth cups that you can wear under any outfit. These bras are additionally used for thickness and rigidity that make the breasts appear bigger (helpful for petite women) than traditional bras. T-shirt bras come in several shapes and sizes and it includes underwire and wire-free designs to suit individual tastes. These bras are commonly recommended for relaxed, bell-shaped, and athletic breasts as it works well with the breast shapes. The padding, seams, underwire, and different styles make this bra different from other kinds of bras.

How To Make A Bra Out Of A T-Shirt? 

Now we have learned what is a t-shirt bra one can also make a bra out of a t-shirt by oneself easily. Follow the below steps to make up a bra out of a t-shirt: 

  • Put a t-shirt smoothly on a flat surface and cut the bottom hem with scissors. 
  • Make a straight cut across the T-shirt 6 inches from the bottom to cut off a large loop of fabric and cut its one side to make a large strip. 
  • Now cut another strip from the shirt that is 10 x 3 inches and lay the smaller one strip with the former inside up. Lay the larger strip perpendicularly across the small strip also inside up. 
  • Tie a double knot in the smaller strip around the larger one and center the knot on your chest. Your bra out of a t-shirt is ready. Lastly, tie it behind the back. 

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