Where Should a Toilet Be Placed In a Bathroom

Where Should a Toilet Be Placed In a Bathroom

Designing a bathroom is a process of giving your ideas into objects and creating something unique. But there is some stuff that will need to be for better usage. If you were searching for where should a toilet be placed in a bathroom then you are reading the right post.

We will be talking about how you can place a toilet when designing a bathroom. As we said there are no certain rules when it comes to designing. Though tactics that were practiced before and gave positive results can be suggested. Why is the position of the toilet so important?

This is also a question that we are going to talk about. Before we start talking about answers you should consider the size of the bathroom and how much equipment you are going to place in the bathroom. And before even talking about anything else I would highly suggest that you create a design in your mind.

You are the one who is going to use the bathroom so the best practice will be to create something unique that will fit you the best. Note that the placements we are going to talk about are all suggested sizes and are not always perfect, it will differ from bathroom to bathroom.

Why Is the Position of The Toilet So Important

The position of the toilet is important because the more comfortable you feel while you are using the toilet the better. That is why there are some practiced suggestions made for the positioning of the toilet. In some designs, the toilets are placed at the right corner at some on the left side this is all up to your preferences.

Suggested Toilet Position in Bathrooms

The distance of the centerline of the toilet should be distanced from its surroundings at least 18 inches. Let’s go in detail what this means. You should leave 18 inches of free space around the toilet for it to be comfortable of use. This is the recommended distance that you should take into consideration. You should leave 15 inches of free space from the walls or any other bath fixture. The suggested position of the toilet is either at the left end of the toilet or at the right end.

As we have mentioned before an aspect that is very important is that there should be enough space between the toilet and anything else around it. When asked the question where should a toilet be placed in a bathroom the best answer that can be given is: Where there is enough space for you to feel comfortable. And the suggested is 18 inches of free space.

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