Where Can You Use Wind Barriers?

Wind Barrier

Wind barriers iaducts located on highways. Such as bridges in places with excessive wind, are designed to reduce the speed of the wind, prevent the vehicle from falling off the road and causing an accident and provide comfortable driving. These products, also called wind fences, aim to reduce the impact by splitting the incoming wind. At this time, the wind takes most of the load on it. They need to be well-managed from design to manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance processes. The static calculation is essential at the design stage.

Since wind barriers are usually products with a considerable height, light transmission is also necessary. Because a significant part of the product must be made of transparent material. Environmental exposure standards of the material to be used are becoming essential.

Wind Barrier Use

Wind barrier viaducts located on highways; Such as bridges are designed to prevent the vehicle from being thrown off the road and crashing by reducing the wind speed in places with excessive wind and providing comfortable driving.

Where Can You Use Wind Barriers ?

*Thermal Power Plants

  • Port Services
  • Coal Storage and Screening Facilities
  • Bulk Cargo Handling and Storage
  • Ash and Dust Retention

• Slagging Plants

  • Construction and Earthmoving Sites
  • Cement Plants
  • Ready-Mixed Concrete Plants

• Landscaping

  • Urban Solid Waste Landfills
  • Waste Recycling Facilities
  • Installation Services
  • Iron and Steel Industry
  • Urban Transformation, Building Demolition

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